The Last Blog… Until Further Notice

Tonight I think about what I should speak on for this last blog and many topics have come to my mind but one that piqued my interests for a final blog was Gender communications. I loved this topic the most out of all the topics we have discussed this semester particularly because its one I can connect with on higher levels. Being  A black women their have been many restrictions in my life not only based on my skin color but based on my sex. Women have been restricted in comparison to men for generations and media is one of the ways we have freed ourselves, as well as has played a big role in creating these stereotypes that exists. When we see the images of what a women is it’s usually through the male gaze which means for a long period time we have had false images shown to us of what it truly means to be a women we aren’t all moms, care givers, we don’t all like the color pink, we aren’t submissive, we are independent and can do things on our own without the help of our male counterparts and have proven this time and time again. Especially in regards to black women we aren’t all aggressive and angry yet media still somehow depicts us as such. Sometimes it really gets annoying that these are even still topics of discussions after so many years but the truth is that history does tends to repeat itself if we don’t correct these ideologies. Think about it gender roles have been set into place since the beginnings of time you can see these scenarios in stories we’ve been taught from young like Adam and Eve for example so the question to be asked is will the images we’re shown ever be completely changed and I suppose only the future will be able to tell.

Organizational Communication

I loved reading about organizational communication mainly because  it talks about  HR which crazy enough my job doesn’t have and discusses Theory X which I can highly relate to. My job uses more of a Theory X approach which is where we are micro managed by our bosses they use reward punishment tactics against us we don’t have a voice at my job and to make matter worse  when the job says were seen as being lazy and disposable that is  very true. It honestly has a horrible job atmosphere and everyone that stats working there usually doesn’t come very often its mainly just a side job but the bosses don’t see that their way of doing things actually doesn’t work very efficiently in act it just creates an environment where your workers tend to not respect you as much as they should. I have heard the people in charge say things like tell that worker not to come back because they don’t do anything or because they don’t listen. Or one of my bosses would actually tell us what to do and then say ask me if you don’t understand something but given the work environment that she helped create nobody ever asks her anything out of fear. It also creates an environment where many people don’t work as a team however ironically  we are put into teams of two to serve tables. I wish my job used the HR approach because I would like going to work far more if I knew my voice would be heard and things our bosses say and do would be held accountable but sadly that isn’t the case which is why I am looking for a new job, one with HR.



The Last two weeks

Within the last two weeks we have discussed a large majority of new topics one that I enjoyed talking about was negotiating.  Negotiating is“When two or more parties need to reach a joint decision but have different preferences, they negotiate.” This something we frequently do daily which is why I loved doing this topic especially because it’s not like someone really taught me how to do this but it came naturally as I began to grow up, however the reading does say most people aren’t born natural negotiators my parents have told me that from a baby this is something I always did . I negotiate with my parents for lots of things specifically when it comes to be rewarded for doing something. For instincts my parents think that I should just get good grades without being rewarded but i’ll say things like well if I receive an A in a certain course can I get  whatever I may be asking for and to them this seems like a fair trade because although they know I am going to pass all my classes an A is aiming higher then just a regular passing grade like a B perhaps. The thing about negotiating is how much its helped in my work place I have dealt with so many different clients at my job who always want specific things if we don’t have what they may want in that very moment this  is where my negotiating skills may come into play. For instincts the first day of spring break I had a client who wanted a certain type of chicken that was no longer being served so to negotiate with her I said I am sorry mam we no longer have that but the ones we do have are just as good in fact maybe better in my opinion, even though I was aware I wasn’t being completely honest I still got her to take the chicken.


Interpersonal Communications

Interpersonal communications has to be my favorite topic we have discussed thus far. This is due to the fact that previously at my old college bmcc I took a whole course just based on the topic. I love how this weeks reading went more in depth to the comparison between the America and other countries because I love when it discusses that we are a low context society because we are generally very straight forward when it comes to our interactions among one and other when it comes to or associations the text stated our “relationships begin and end quickly. It also stated that in comparison to some other countries we are an individualistic society which means we pretty much focus on ourselves and our own accomplishments which is very true you can see this and often hear it in conversations with others particularly when someone says something like “mind your business and pay attention to yourself” its pretty straightforward and I hear this quite often. Verbal communication is very important in low context societies for example a lot of people in America tend to always look mad or angry  but that is actually not always the case so instead of assuming anything I ask my friends if they’re okay because some times their nonverbal communication didn’t match how they were feeling.  However America is very diverse so its also important to know that contexts often overlaps in our society because of course we also have people here from high context societies . High context societies are more group based because they are a collectivist society, and nonverbal communication is important in these cultures in these societies verbal communication is indirect which is interesting for example in class we actually used an example where someone would say yes to something but it doesn’t mean they’re agreeing it means they’re being polite. I loved this topic generally because it’s nice to see how our society  differs from others.

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Group Evaluations

By the title of this post I am sure you already know the topic we’re about to discuss…. yep you guessed it group evaluations. I would love to say its something I enjoyed doing but I very much did not, its one thing to think something in your mind but it’s a completely other to present all your feelings for somebody out on a paper where you’re practically rating how you feel about the work they’re doing. Some may say this is very easy but if you’re like me and hate hurting anybody’s feelings its not a very easy task. The thoughts that went through my head were are you gonna be honest, or are you gonna be the person who gives up the chance of being honest to somebody about their performance because you don’t want anyone’s feelings hurt. I thought hard and deep and then I went with the route of just being honest, it was hard but I decided it was better then lying because one the sheets were anonymous, and two it was a chance for my group members and myself to work on things that we ourselves may not be aware of but others are.  I am not sure what Monday’s class is going to be like but I sincerely hope that everyone sees this as a learning opportunity and not a means of getting upset, nor wanting to work with  group members, and possibly ruining the overall group environment. I can’t lie and say I am not nervous to know how I myself was evaluated but just in case I have things to work on myself I will look at it as a learning lesson, and continuing trying to make sure my group environment always remains comfortable because honestly being in this group hasn’t only taught me a lot about myself but it’s helped me in many ways pertaining to school, my social interactions with other so far.



This week during class we began our group assignments which was to research a topic of our choice involving time, location, and sound levels. Our group struggled in the beginning to come up with a topic that could be experimented in a short period of time, that made sense, as well as a topic we could all agree on . In fact to get to the topic that we eventually came up with in the end we went through about five different possible experiment topics. It was extremely stressful to say the least but we definitely figured it out in the end and with a clear topic the experiment later on was a bit easier to conduct. My group and I thought that at first going into the environments we chose would be extremely easy to complete our experiment but, the truth was that wasn’t the case. While conducting our research we had to choose our locations about four different times before our research could support our theory, and because we were a bit pressed for time it started to become a bit frustrating but at the same time we were having a lot of fun doing it. We then had to take a minute and think about the places on campus that might possibly have the most people to complete our experiment and that’s probably when everything fell into place. We also chose in our group the roles everyone would play such as the two people recording the environment, the two people speaking, and lucky for us the app we were using niosh records the exact time the experiment was conducted which made the experience a whole lot easier. I am also really thankful for our group dynamic  it made conducting our research so much easier because we all have many things in common and everyone gets along extremely well with one another.



Good evening guys I am back again with another topic that interested me this week during class. I bet you’re all wondering what it is aren’t you, if you already read the title I am sure you can guess that we will be talking about Chronemics!!! lets begin with me explaining what chronemics even is , I learned that it is the study of the role of time in communications. This topic as a whole peaked my interests because I learned a lot about myself during the readings of unit 3, and our discussions in class. Something that was mentioned in our readings was that America tends to run on Mono-chronic time in other words time is scheduled, arranged, and managed, and things are done one at a time, whereas in other countries for example most South Asian countries use poly-chronic time which is a system where several things can be done at once. This is something I am sure we haven’t really thought about during our daily lives but the truth is time plays such a big role in everything we do, and the relationships we have with others .When I found out that other countries run on poly chronic time it even made me think about situations with my own family and friends. Have you ever experienced always arriving to an event on time, whereas your family members, or friends came late or came whenever they felt like it? If your answer was yes, then I too have felt your pain however, after reading unit 3 I realized that it’s not always a bad thing it just that in some cultures people view time differently for them it’s not getting there when they were told but getting to see the people they love. It made me realize that I should probably take this into consideration at my next family event and set a time but actually have whatever I am planning happen much later then the time given.img_5509

What is Communication

This week during class we discussed what is communication (each act of transmitting info), and there were many things about this class discussion that had piqued my interests. The first thing was when we discussed the readings we had because, the article gave more insight on how communication has changed and is continuing to change over the years. The second thing was, during this lesson we had been put into groups and given a pile filled of definitions, we then had to separate the definitions into categories that fell under different forms of communication. While conducting this assignment I realized that it wasn’t an  easy task to know just where certain forms of communication belonged. There were definitions that went along with technology, social, personal, and etc and you really had to be careful of what the definitions were actually saying because often times I found myself and my group switching our minds about where we thought a definition should go. At the end of the assignment I thought it was interesting how most groups thought alike, and came up with the some of the same categories. I was also thinking if I had to have done this myself I don’t think I would have gotten through the assignment for the simple fact that when I listened to my group members and what they felt I realized just how fast my perspective on something could change.